2019 Kids Code Workshop: Physical Computing using Raspberry PI


 Physical Computing using Raspberry Pi    


The workshop will train the participants on using Raspberry Pi to perform Physical Computing. Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer costing thirty-five dollars. Physical computing involves creating systems that sense aspects of the physical world like environmental sensing, robots, music, etc. The participants will first learn how to program a Raspberry Pi using the Scratch and Python programming languages. Next, the participants will learn the process of interfacing various types of hardware sensors to a Raspberry Pi to monitor and control physical parameters (temperature, pressure, humidity, motor speed & direction, etc.). At the end as a fun exercise, the participants will also learn to write Python code for generating music.


Sponsored by NCAR in partnership with the Univerity of Wyoming


Please use the following link to sign up for the Raspberry Pi Class

Saturday, April 13.  

9am - 12pm - Grades 6-8  

1pm -4pm - Grades 9-12



Inside the NWSC

The NWSC’s first supercomputer is called Yellowstone, named after the world’s first established national park, and in honor of Wyoming’s important role in making the NWSC a reality. This machine is capable of 1.5 quadrillion calculations per second—or, in computing terms, 1.5 petaflops. “FLOPS” stands for “floating point operations per second.”